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Bales100 lbs (45 kg)  Price in Canadian ($)


For the best of the best

-Premium Quality women and (or) men= 110$(also called cream quality)


-Premium quality Children 0-14 years old = $135 (also called cream grade)

-Premium quality Home accessories= $110(also called cream grade)

-Premium quality handbags + school bags= $65 (50 lb bag) **

-Premium quality mixed shoes= $90/bag


For something cheaper

-Quality 1 women mix= 90$

-Quality 1+ 2 baby rummage= 85$(mix  0-14 years old)

- Quality 1 socks (CHILD + ADULT)=65$

-Quality 1 dishes mix 0.45$/pound (450 kg for 450$)

-Quality 1  hoodies CHILD + ADULT  = $65

-Quality 1 Anoraks mix (CHILD + ADULT) = 50$

-Quality 1 Curtains mix = 85$

-PREMIUM quality women's clothing mix  BIG SIZE( XL, XXL,XXXL) = 100$

-Quality 1 plush bags (20 pounds)= $10

-For a limited time *** new end-of-line belts = $55/22.5 kg bag


     Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I be sure that the quality will be good inside my bundle since it is difficult to see inside the packaging?

-Answer  : It is always possible by appointment to come to the factory and see the bales before they are packed and moreover, we are one of the only factories in Quebec to have 2 quality inspections instead of 1.


 -Question: How it works ?

-Answer :Our very well trained employees do a thorough sorting and take care to choose only premium quality and TROPICAL seasonal clothing. Then the clothes are packed in bales of 45kg. Subsequently, the bale will be sold to the customer who ordered it. It is necessary to place the order a little in advance since the demand is very strong.

 -Question: What does Cream Quality mean?

-Answer :  Cream quality or Premium quality means it`s the best in the used clothing industry, in fact when we hear the expression "the cream of the cream" it means in other words "the best of the best ".

 -Question :  What items can i find in the bale called"Premium Quality Women mix  "?

-Answer: This bale contains all tropical season clothes (summer) of the best possible quality (premium) and of sizes x-small, small, medium, large,  ( NOT bigger than large!!) The items in

the bale are jeans , t-shirts, dresses, tank tops, skirts , shirts, leggings, etc.

Visits By APPOINTMENT ONLY,from Monday to Friday

QUALITY INSPECTION: All our products are inspected to control the quality so that you have the best on the market. Our inspection is strict, moreover, all warm (winter) or unwanted clothes are eliminated .The winter clothes are shipped to Northern countries. You can watch the video below to see how we do quality control.

                                            tropical season

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bales of clothes

Advice from an expert for HaÏti

''All i want is you to succeed''

-Raphael Ranger(expert)

Prices for bales of clothing
bales of clothing for export from Canada

How do we make our PREMIUM quality?

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