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Raphaël's advice for HAITI

As you probably already know, Haiti is a country where competition is present. As an expert in the field, I have compiled a list of what I would choose to ship if I were in your shoes and had to have an order prepared by TEX-FAB.


-Premium quality

special mix children+men+women

the contents of this bundle:

dresses, jeans, skirts, men's and women's shirts, mini-shorts, t-shirts, clothing for

go to church, some children's and baby's and men's clothing.

-Premium quality

45kg mix accessories

the contents of this bundle:

sheets, curtains, belts, towels, tablecloths and doilies, silk scarf, etc.


-22.5 kg bags of premium HANDBAGS

-22.5kg premium SHOE BAGS

The clothes included in these categories are clothes generally worn by  young adults in Quebec (mini-skirts, sexy shorts, jeans, dresses, etc.), The reason is to choose these categories is simple, Honestly, young people (ADULTS) in Quebec like to wear fashion, which is perfect for Haiti because Haitians demand that clothes be actual fashion  with flamboyant colors and don't want 1980 style clothes like the clothes our grandparents in Quebec used to wear. 

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For others TIPS

bales for haiti
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Want to know more about how exporting works and how the goods will get to their destination?

bales for haiti
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