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Here Are 6 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About The Used Clothing Industry

1: African countries with the highest demand

Ghana is the African country with the highest demand for used clothing.

3:Senegal and women's clothing

We have noticed that Senegal is the African country with the highest demand for women's clothing.

5:Used clothes vs new Chinese clothes

The majority of people in African countries prefer to buy used clothes from the West rather than new clothes from China, even if the prices were the same or competitive.

2: Strong demand in Haiti despite the political situation.

Demand for used clothing in Haiti remains strong despite the country's situation. For the moment it is a little more difficult than before to send to this country, nevertheless, it`s still easy to send goods to several places in Haiti.

4: Strong demand for children's clothing, whether they are premium quality or 2nd choice.

Some countries in Africa have a VERY high demand for 2nd choice  quality clothing, which is much cheaper than 1st grade. 

6: The fashion sector, 2nd most polluting in the world

Manufacturers of new clothes produce  about 1.2 billion tons of co2 per year, here is the urgent importance of favoring used clothes rather than new clothes.

7: the textile gives a hard time

Every year, tons of poor condition used clothes end up in landfills.

dumping ground for worn out clothes
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