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      5 tricks to help you choose the right supplier.                                


If you are new to the used clothing export business and you are not sure which bale supplier to choose, read this carefully...We have listed 5 tips for you to choose the right supplier, these tips will help you to choose an honest company that won't scam you by selling you poor quality products, because the worst nightmare is to be taken in by a dishonest supplier. 

As you probably know, fraud in the industry of second-hand clothes is a big problem . This brings hundreds of millions of dollars annually to dishonest suppliers.


Ask the supplier if you can visit the yard factory 

Before buying from a supplier, it is best to visit the sorting plant in order to see the facility and thus see the quality of the sorting.

Notice the speed at which the employees sort the clothes because if they go too fast, it will be impossible for them tcheck for blemishes, stains, etc.

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Note the color of the bale packaging

Some dishonest companies will use dark packaging or just plain packaging that you can't see through. The reason is very simple, it is so that you do not see what your bundle contains inside and thus sell you clothes that are too hot for your country or of poor quality.

So choose the companies that use transparent packaging at all times!

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Always ask to check the contents of a self-chosen bundle random.

During your visit to the warehouse or factory of your choice , ask the manager if it is possible to open a bale already packed (choose the bale yourself), if the manager refuses, it`s maybe so that you can`t see what`s inside the bundle...An honest supplier (if he thinks the customer is serious) ne will never refuse to open a bundle to demonstrate quality.Keep in mind that it is also possible that he refuses only because he believes that you are not serious and that you are not serious and he doesn't want to undo the nerd for nothing . 

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Beware of low prices

Remember that in life, when it's too good to be true, it's precisely because it's not true! The purpose of pricing too low is to get your attention.

Once a dishonest supplier comes to your attention, he can sell you anything (dirty, holey, stained or too hot for tropical countries) because a poorly organized or dishonest supplier does not know what to do with the too hot clothes that he receives so he will therefore mix them  with the other tropical clothes in your bundles.


Beware of bales with very nice clothes placed perfectly on top of bundles

In this case it is possible  that it is only a  coincidence but in general, if you see pieces of clothing placed perfectly on top of the bales, this is to let you believe that all the clothes inside the bundle are like the beautiful piece in question, be careful because this is surely the only beautiful piece you will find in the bundle!

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